Encouraging Customers To Tip

Many cafes and restaurants put a tipping box at the cashier in the hope that customers who are waiting in line to pay for their purchase see this box and put a little cash there. However, with the rise of digital payments, it seems that tipping in cash is declining. Only a handful of restaurants in Indonesia have provided digital tipping option like the ones in US and tipping is not considered mandatory here.

One has to offer a really heart-warming service accompanied with a genuine smile in order to collect a generous amount of tips.

Many places get creative with their wordplay to invite customers to tip their change. One example I found here is from a frozen yoghurt place that is visited by many people. While the smiling emoticon makes these words appear friendly, I thought that they could have chosen better words.

”Tipping makes you smart” means “you are not smart if you don’t tip”

Customers might get offended and think that the shop labels them as stupid for not tipping. Or probably for not understanding what these English words mean, hence no tipping. This frozen yoghurt shop is located in Indonesia, so not all Indonesians speak and understand English well.

”Tipping makes you sexy” means “you are not sexy if you don’t tip”

All customers, no matter how they look like, would think of themselves as beautiful, sexy, and appealing. If not to the general public, at least to someone who loves them and whom they love. Judging someone’s appearance based on their tipping ability is like judging whether or not a man is good-looking by how generous he is when courting a woman.

No one wants to be judged badly by not giving money. People are driven emotionally and we rarely make rational purchases. We are moved by feelings and generally we want to feel good and helpful.

This is why many charity organizations advertise a donation campaign with a specific story about a particular subject or cause that feel relatable to the readers, that by donating to that person or cause they will immediately feel good as if they have done something heroic and restoring faith in humanity.

If I was the owner of that frozen yoghurt shop, I’d probably write the tip-encouraging words like these…

”Thank you for tipping, your generousity helps me continue my study” (and put the photo of one of the staff who’s still studying in university or taking a gap-year during this pandemic to save some money for next year’s enrollment).

This will make it personal and the customers will know that their tip goes to someone with a face and a cause. They will feel justified giving their change, in fact they might even tip bigger than the price that they pay for the frozen yoghurt itself.

Or I would write another one like this, “Last year’s tip helped paying for our shop rent. We’re still here because of you. Thank you for your generousity.”

So many businesses close because of the pandemic and many might not come back forever. Businesses that are still running and able to pay for its rent and workers’ salary still exist because of the customers’ loyalty.

Thanking them will remind them that what they do means a lot to the business survival and a thankful business will surely be remembered by its customers. They will keep coming back and make purchases because they want their favorite shop to survive even in difficult times.

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