500 Books (More) Before 40

I have been reading a lot since I was in elementary school, but I never really counted how many books I have read. Never have I written a book review of those books that I read, except for the books assigned by my lecturers at the university for the Book Report class.

So when I was looking for certain titles on Goodreads, I saw several badges that caught my eyes. One of which was Reading Goals 2021. It’s almost November now, which means the year 2022 is about to start in two months from now so I think it’s almost too late for me to join the bandwagon.

That badge, however, got me thinking of making my own reading goals. I don’t want to just limit it to a particular year, because I think it’s very limiting and probably I would feel too pressured to reach that goal. I don’t want it to end up like a New-Year-Resolution nobody ever gets to really achieve (or is there anybody managed to do this but me?)

I was thinking of making my reading goal as the title above. Reading 500 more books before I turn 40 years old on May 4, 2027.

In order to track my reading progress, I will update this page every time I finish reading a book and write a little comment about it. So this post will definitely be updated regularly and I might start writing a review about those books on Goodreads, too.

500 Books Before Turning 40

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    • Hello, Ericka! 😀
      Gosh, I’m so happy to read your comment here. How are things going with you? I miss talking to you and sometimes think about the deep talks that we had at Zoku Amsterdam. Hope to see you again one day, Ericka.. stay healthy and happy ^_^

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