Today I don’t want to make any wishes, because I feel that my life has been more than I could ask for. It’s not perfect, but I have enough.

I am still not flying, but I am healthy. I don’t have to worry about getting sick inflight or catching the virus while on duty. Many crewmembers are not so lucky.

Sometimes I feel lonely because of this social and physical distancing, but I have my cat Loki at home with me. He makes my day more colorful and helps me sleep better at night with his purr.

My mother has been slowly recovering from the stroke that hit her in November last year. It has not been easy, especially now that she stops going to physiotherapy sessions due to this pandemic. But every little sign of her recovery matters to me.

Everything that happened was beyond my expectation. But as long as I still have people who love and care about me, I can get through this.

Today I am 33 years old and I am happy to be alive.

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Written by dearmarintan

An Indonesian who enjoys coffee, books, and meaningful conversations. Currently interested in body language, communication, and human behavior.

Website: http://dearmarintan.com/

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