[Event Report] Sahabat Korea 2020 Welcome Ceremony

On February 1st, all members of Sahabat Korea 2020 were invited to attend the welcoming ceremony at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Jakarta. 

From thousands of applicants, they selected in total 100 Sahabat Korea members of whom 20 members were from last year and 80 were from the new applicants.

Unfortunately, not everyone could attend the event due to conflicting schedules and domiciles outside of Jakarta. Although it did not prevent some members from far away to fly or take the train to the capital city in order to be present.

With Nadya Pinem, an energetic girl from Medan.

I met Nadya Pinem, a young girl from Medan who flew just one day before the event and said she was super excited to join the club. She has been selected by so many brands as an ambassador and joined their promotional programs. No wonder her Instagram feeds look colorful and full of events that she attended.

With Mita, a smart and talented girl. It was so fun to finally meet her in person.

And then there was Mita, who already joined Sahabat Korea club since last year when the the program was launched. She is a Korean enthusiast who is also enlisted as Wow Korea Supporter and write for korea.net website as one of its Honorary Reporters. What a talented and smart lady. 

There were so many people from various backgrounds with amazing skills and experiences. One of them is Bertha who is a fashion designer, and then there is Lovita who is an editor at a publishing company, Thoriq and Basma who are very active in social media and create Korea-related contents, then Yusril who understands sign language and Surjaya who can dance in tune with Kpop songs. 

I’m so glad to meet these talented people and there were even more of them that I haven’t got to talk with further. I really hope that we will be able to catch up on other events held by the embassy. 

About The Event

It started at 2 PM and we were given a membership certificate, a T-shirt, and cute souvenirs upon arrival. The embassy staff introduced herself and welcomed us, then the event was opened with a speech by the Republic of Korea Ambassador in Indonesia, Mr Kim Chang Beom.

He was very friendly and made us feel welcome. When I approached him to take a picture together, he asked me whether or not I just joined Sahabat Korea this year. Apparently he remembers the faces of Sahabat Korea from the previous year so he could tell who the new joiners are. 

With Mr Kim Chang Beom, the Ambassador of Republic of Korea in Indonesia.

Even though he has busy schedule and just came back from Papua the day before, he greeted us and smiled all the time. 

We watched two Korean traditional performances like Samulnori and Jindobukcum where the performers were dancing to the rhytm of the drums beating the drums. Then there was a dance performance from young girls who danced to Red Velvet songs, one of them was the famous hit called “Psycho”. 

Samulnori performance. I love the vibrant color of the Hanbok the dance was wearing.

Then there were some presentations from Korean Cultural Center (KCC) Indonesia and Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Jakarta. They were presenting separately about cultural events and tourism promotions that they have been doing in Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta. 

Towards the end of the event, four Sahabat Korea members from last year (Basma, Lovita, Banieun, and Thoriq) were each giving presentation about their experience from joining the program since last year. Some of them were sent to Korea to attend events and represent Indonesia there, all because they joined Sahabat Korea.

Basma (with Kimberly who could not attend the event) were sent to Korea Foundation Public Diplomacy Camp and Lovita was also sent to Korea to attend a KPop related event. They gave us insights on how to be active on social media and what they think helped them being sent to Korea to attend those important events. It was interesting to hear their experience, I wish they had longer time to talk more about it. 

It was a fun day to me and I learned a lot from my new friends. We might come from different walks of life, but we all share one thing in common which is our passion about everything Korean. I am grateful to be given this opportunity and wish to contribute my skills to Sahabat Korea’s programs. 

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