A Little Story about Me, Sahabat Korea and Wow Korea Supporters 2020

The year 2020 has just begun and it seems like this year I will be involved in so many events related to Korea, particularly in cultural and social programs. Why? Because I have been selected as one of the lucky members of Sahabat Korea and Wow Korea Supporters!

So what exactly are those titles? Well, here let me explain to you πŸ™‚


Sahabat Korea (in Bahasa Indonesia, this literally means Korea’s Bestfriend) is a program initiated by the Embassy of South Korea in Indonesia since 2019 to choose a selection of people to become its social media supporters.

Along with the other Sahabat Korea members, I will be invited to events held and supported by the embassy, which will most likely be held in Jakarta.As a social media supporter, it is the duty of Sahabat Korea to attend the events and report them on our social media accounts.

Some of the events attended by last year’s Sahabat Korea were a cultural festival, a fashion show, an education exhibition, and even an ASEAN – Korea Summit.

This reminds me of those days when I was still working as a journalist, where I went to many places, interview people, and make a detailed report of what the event or the interview was about.


This program is initiated by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) all over the world. From Indonesia, there are 25 selected bloggers from thousands of applications that KTO Indonesia received this year.

Look, my name is there on the list πŸ™‚
Full list of the selected 25 bloggers joining Wow Korea Supporters 2020

Wow, I felt honored and want to do my best to provide blog posts about Korea and its tourism agenda. It is unfortunate that I cannot attend the ceremony and dinner with the other selected WKS 2020 members that will be held in the first week of February because I will be on flight duty.

I’m optimistic that I can attend the other events held by KTO Indonesia next time because as a Jakarta-based crew, I can bid for the desired days off every month before the roster is published. I just wish the next events in the future will be held during one of my days off πŸ™‚

So what will WKS 2020 members do? They will promote Korean tourism on their social media accounts (blog, Instagram, YouTube, etc) so more people will find out more about Korea and travel to the country. If you want to have an idea what kind of posts, you can search on Instagram with hashtags like #wowkoreasupporters, #AkudanKorea, or #KeKoreaAja.

And the good thing is… WKS 2020 members stand a chance to win a grand prize like a trip to Korea for two selected members. Other prizes also include return tickets to Korea, vouchers, and many more gifts that only WKS members can get. Very nice!


These programs are very appealing indeed. If you are also interested in joining both Sahabat Korea and Wow Korea Supporters, I suggest you follow these Instagram accounts.




Please pay attention to these Instagram accounts around December and January when they will be announcing both programs for the next year. Also, you can follow me on Instagram @dearmarintan to gain some insights about how it is like to be a member of Sahabat Korea and Wow Korea Supporters.

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