Staying in Capsule Hotel at Incheon Airport

My flight to Seoul with Korean Air arrived in the morning at around 7.00 AM at that time. I was exhausted from operating a flight from the day before and I thought I could sleep the whole flight. It turned out that sitting in the middle seat next to strangers made me cautious the whole time and by the time I landed at Incheon International Airport, I was extremely sleepy.

So my first thought, when I arrived in Korea, was to go to the hotel and sleep. But it wasn’t check-in time yet, as the hotel that I booked starts its check-in by 2 PM (oh, Lord!).

Think Marintan, think!

Fortunately, my Google search shows that there are hotels nearby the airport. The most recommended one from the search was Darakhyu. It is a capsule hotel by Walkerhill group that is located at Terminal 1, Incheon International Airport.

I have heard about capsule hotels but never stayed in any of them before. Hence, my expectation was low. I thought it would be a closed-up space, very small, and has basic amenities. I was surprised to see that this capsule hotel was not as small as I thought and also it provides value for its price.

I chose the room with a single bed and shower for 4 hours of occupancy from 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM. The minimum hours for a room rent at this capsule hotel is 3 hours that cost KRW 26,400 (USD 22 or IDR 313K) with an extra charge of KRW 4,000 (USD 3.40 or IDR 47K) for each additional hour. In total, I had to pay KRW 30,400 (USD 25 or IDR 360K) and the price was already inclusive of 10% tax.

The fluffy bed inside my room at Darakhyu Capsule Hotel.

A dressing table and a stool, hangers, a washing basin, and hand soap, plus facial towel and a box of tissue to fix your post-flight look.

A hairdryer is always a plus point!

There’s nothing more satisfying than taking a shower after a long flight…

It had a fluffy single bed with a really nice pillow and blanket. The other room features were wifi, Bluetooth speaker, a hairdryer, hangers, towels, even a dressing table, and a stool. There were bottles of shampoo and shower gel provided in the shower. The toilet was located outside and very clean.

If you have an early morning arrival in Seoul just like what I experienced, I highly recommend you to stay at this capsule hotel. By the time you wake up from your power nap, you will be energized and ready to explore the vibrant city.

# # # Check out the short video I made of my room below # # #

Darakhyu Capsule Hotel

Incheon International Airport, Terminal 1
Junggu, Gonghang-ro 272, Incheon
Seoul, South Korea

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