Los Angeles Girls’ Trip: First Impression and Places We Went To

From Jeddah to Los Angeles was written on my boarding pass that day when I checked in for the flight. I am flying to Los Angeles, probably one of the most popular states in USA that everyone has seen on their TV.

I flew to America a lot of times since 2016, but it’s going to be my first time flying to LA because Riyadh-based crew members are not operating this sector.

What made it extraordinary is that my friends (Suza, Audra, Vitri) and I are going there just for a mini vacation. It felt surreal because none of us could afford such a vacation if it wasn’t because of our job and the travel benefits that it brings us.

“So we decided that it’s a good idea to have a girls’ trip to LA and off we went there. And here are the photos…”

This might be the introduction of our travel story I would tell my kids one day. 

Downtown LA: The First Impression

The day we arrived in LA, we figured our way to find the AirBnB apartment located in the downtown area. I thought it was a good idea to have a place to stay in the downtown area as it would be close to so many attractions or tourism sites. Boy, I was wrong.

While it was not that difficult to find the nearest bus or metro station, downtown LA is not necessarily the best location. If you are reading this blog post and you’re planning to travel around LA, it’s better to stay around Hollywood Boulevard.

I know it’s touristy, but at least you will easily find your way to almost everywhere by walking. And there are a lot of restaurants or food chains, so you don’t have to worry about daytime craving or being hungry in the middle of the night because your body is confused and still suffering from the jetlag.

We met Sheila, our ex-fellow cabin crew, who now resides in LA. Thank you Sheila for accompanying us and sharing meals at that Korean BBQ restaurant 🙂

Taking pictures at LACMA , the struggle was real to get this photo taken without other Instagram influencers around photobombing us.

We did not experience any harm or being robbed or anything dangerous. However, we were followed by a homeless person who was begging for money on the second day. We also saw a lot of people talk by themselves (not because they’re on the phone or practising for an audition, it’s simply because they’re no longer sane). And the smell of burn weeds was rampant. We did not know who was smoking what, but the smell occupied the whole area.

Much later after that trip, I read about how mass immigration and job loss have affected Californians and many other states’ residents. Many people cannot cope with the unemployment stress and turn into drug users, while some others gradually go insane.

So, Where Did We Go To?

While some parts of LA show blatant poverty, some others were flashing shiny and entertaining. It’s like two sides of a coin. We went to places that we only saw on TV or read on the travel websites before the trip. Here is the highlight of our trip to LA.

Universal Studios Hollywood

It was the long-awaited travel agenda, because who doesn’t like theme parks? After all, we are just kids at heart. We spent half the day there and I genuinely thought it was not enough.

If you want to get the best of experience, you should be there literally when the park just opens. Or better yet, get a 2-day pass so you can explore it in your own pace and maximize your chance to try every single ride there.

We just couldn’t help smiling from ear to ear. So this was how it felt like being a kid for one day at an amusement park with your friends.

Trying to copy the pose of The Simpsons’ characters behind us and everyone thought we’re crazy…

Access Hollywood Tours

This two-hour drive around the celebrity homes invited us to look from up-close how the neighbourhood looks like. Big houses (or mansions) with private pools, where celebrities live or Hollywood movies were shot at.

We saw houses that belong to Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Sylverster Stallone, Lucille Ball, Michael Jackson, Donald Trump, and many more. There were unique houses that became popular after they appeared in Hollywood movies like Tomorrowland, The Great Gatsby, The Godfather, and Iron Man.

Ready for the tour! Let’s have a look at the houses we could only dream of, hahaha~

Behind a photo there’s always a struggle to prevent the other people around from getting into the frame.

Santa Monica Beach

I could not remember when was the last time I went to the beach with friends. Probably back in 2011 or 2012 when I went to Parangtritis Beach in Jogja with my high school friends. I forgot how fun it was, even though I was not brave enough to swim a little bit closer to the big waves.

Suza and I were probably the only girls who had no idea how hard the waves would hit our faces that day.

Nope, not gonna write that “I love you, you love me” thing on the wet sands.

The Last Bookstore

Visiting a bookstore (or two, or more!) is always a good idea. And when you’re in LA, you have to visit this famous independent bookstore. Not only because it’s good for pictures, but also the ambience is really nice. I could spend hours here if I was alone and explore the endless labyrinth of books.

The famous book bridge at The Last Bookstore

Women are perfect and she is one of them (well, almost, Odot, hehehe)

OUE Skyspace

Sliding from the 70th floor of a building doesn’t sound appealing to a lot of people. Especially those who are afraid of heights, and we identify as part of those people. But we did it anyway. It was nerve-wracking but hey we made it!

When everyone else looked messy, Suza was the prettiest to get out of that slide. How could she even do that was beyond me, hahaha..

Vitri looked cute when she reached the end of the slide. There’s a reason why I did not post my picture from the slide because I didn’t look graceful like either Vitri or Suza, hahaha!

Odot, the cool girl with a lot of mysteries…

We had a lot of fun indeed, you could see it in the pictures. We might not visit a lot of places, but each of our visits was not in a rush and we enjoyed it. LA is indeed a good destination for girls trip because you have people to share happiness with.

I will write more in details about some of the places from the highlight above on separate posts. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for my upcoming travel stories 😉

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  1. If you love the Vietnamese food, I think Orange County is worth to check out if you come back. And, we went to Santa Cruz which is very bustling and nice. Looked like you had a good time there.

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