ZOKU, The Coolest Place To Stay In Amsterdam

I have heard that Amsterdam is one of the most expensive cities to travel in Europe. Hotels are usually small with narrow staircases, and locations are far from ideal if you have a low budget.

A three-star hotel in Amsterdam will cost you around 70 – 90 Euros per night. That will likely get you a small room with a flatbed for one person and minimal amenities.

Don’t even think about bringing a big suitcase because you will give yourself a problem trying to get it into your room through the narrow staircase.

So when I was searching for accommodation in Amsterdam, I scratched my head in frustration because it’s not easy to find a good hotel in the last month of summer with a good budget.

It took me almost a week before my search led me to Zoku, one of the newest accommodations in the city.

What is Zoku?

Zoku is not like any other hotels I have ever stayed in. It’s not exactly like a hotel, it feels more like a rented apartment that gives me the freedom to do whatever I feel like doing during my stay. Like a hybrid between hotels and Airbnb.

It offers 4 types of accommodation according to your preference. For rooms, Zoku Room and Zoku Bootstrap are mostly preferred by young energetic people who like to spend most of their days out, exploring the city.

While Zoku Loft and Zoku Loft XL / XXL are preferred by busy young professionals who need all the necessary business and residential facilities.

Which Room Did I Choose?

Each room has a different price, depending on the space and amenities offered. I chose the regular-sized loft and stayed there for 3 days 2 nights (August 10 checked in, August 12 checked out).

It looked exactly like the pictures I have seen on their website. I was excited from the moment I opened the door to when I discovered my top bed, climbing the foldable stairs.

I would let this following video compiled from my Instastories speak for itself.

How Much Did It Cost?

A one day stay in this loft costs 177.65 Euros. For my whole stay there, plus VAT accommodation 6% and Amsterdam City Tax, the total that I paid was 375.42 Euros or around 437 USD.

On its website, non-members will pay much more, from 267 to 289 Euros per night stay for Zoku loft. I got a 10 percent discount just by signing myself up as a member. Being a member also serves me a discount of 15% for my future stay if I ever come back to stay there.

If you don’t feel like paying this much, Zoku’s Room and Bootstrap offer more affordable prices that you can check out on its website livezoku.com. Bear in mind to sign up for membership before booking any rooms and only do it directly on its website for better offers and reduced rates.

Experience Zoku Yourself

Zoku also has a creative space and dining room on the sixth floor that is accessible to the public. Even if you don’t stay in any of its rooms, I’d suggest you experience Zoku yourself. Buy a drink or enjoy breakfast, lunch or have some light bites and enjoy the ambiance.

If you’re an aspiring writer or a freelancer, you might want to bring your laptop here and work. It’s worth every Euro you spend to just be there and feel the atmosphere.

After all, like Forbes said, it is one of the 25 coolest hotels in the world.

ZOKU Amsterdam
Weesperstraat 105, 1018 VN
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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