DaVinci, The Most Beautiful Ice Cream In Athens

I’m a big fan of ice cream! I always try the best or most recommended local ice cream whenever I’m traveling somewhere new. On my recent Athens trip, I came across DaVinci, an artisan gelato shop with many branches around the city.

I went to the branch in Monastiraki on one sunny day and it was packed with a lot of people. There was this intriguing birdcage decorated with sprinkled ice cream cones, hanging outside the shop. Hmm, interesting!

I went in clueless and asked one of the staff for a recommendation.

“What kind of ice cream flavor do you usually like?” she asked me.

“Vanilla or something with hazelnut.”

“Okay, we have two kinds of vanilla here, you can try this,” she gave me two small spoons for sampling each of those vanilla flavors.

“We also have Ferrero hazelnut ice cream, and hazelnut with Nutella sauce.”

Ferrero Hazelnut ice cream with almond sprinkled cone. Yummy 😛

My preciousssss *read this with Smeagol voice*


My eyes were filled with excitement! There were so many flavors that got me confused which one to choose from. But I didn’t have a lot of time to think about it as the queue behind me got longer and longer.

So I went for Ferrero hazelnut ice cream and I was excited to know that I can choose my own sprinkles for the cone. I choose the almond sprinkled cone and thought it was the best decision I made that day.

The texture of the ice cream was different than any other ice cream I have tasted before. I could really taste the hazelnut and it was not as sweet as I was afraid it would be. And the cone was crispy. It’s just the kind of ice cream that I like.

The best part of it was the price because for a big cone of ice cream (or as they call it, artisan gelato) I just paid for EUR 3.2 or around USD 3.7.

If you’re in Athens, you should definitely visit DaVinci and get yourself an ice cream of your choice. This is a truly beautiful ice cream inside out.

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