4 Reasons Why You Should Try Gyros and Souvlaki

What is traveling without trying the local cuisine? As I am currently in Athens, I indulge my appetite for the Greek foods. Athens is known not only for its beautiful ruins of Acropolis, but also the delicious local foods.

There are so many Greek foods that you can try, but Souvlaki and Gyros are my favorites and I think anyone visiting the country should eat them, too. Here are the reasons why you should try them.

1. Easy to find

Gyros and Souvlaki are everywhere and you can find them at the tavernas. A taverna is a small restaurant that serves Greek cuisine, like Greek salad, various seafood dishes, and grilled meats like Gyros and Souvlaki.

Both of them can be served with pork, chicken, beef or lamb, depending on your dietary preferences.

2. Affordable prices

I tried eating at two different tavernas during my stay in Athens. I had my Souvlaki at Taverna Plaka in Plaka area and my Gyros today at Ambrosio just outside of Sygrou Fix metro station.

A portion of Souvlaki cost me EUR 10.5 (around USD 12), while the Gyros I ate today was EUR 7.8 (around USD 9).

3. Big portion

I really like eating meat and what’s better than eating tasty meat in big portion with affordable prices?

Gyros are slices of meat usually served in a wrap, just like Turkish doner kebab. It is believed that the meal was introduced by immigrants from Anatolia not long after the World War II.

Souvlaki is pieces of grilled meat on a stick. It can be pork, beef or chicken and served with pita bread, Tzatziki sauce, and sometimes grilled vegetables or french fries.

The Greeks modified it to meet the local’s taste. Gyros can be served in a wrap or with pita bread on the side. Pork and chicken are the most popular meat served for Gyros.

One portion is big enough for a person and you don’t really need to eat salad or soup as a starter unless you are very hungry or plan on sharing the meals with someone else.

4. Deliciously served with Tzatziki

Both Souvlaki and Gyros that I ate were served with Tzatziki. It is Greek sauce made of yogurt, mixed with cucumber, garlic, olive oil, and salt.

At first glance, it looks weird to have this kind of sauce served with your grilled meats. But you have to give it try! It is really nice to dip the meat with, I asked for extra Tzatziki sauce when it’s finished.

A refreshing combination that I really like and lead me to browse for recipes on how to make this. Once I come back from this trip, I will try to make simple Tzatziki and grill some meats to enjoy it with.

Are you planning to go to Greece in the near future? If yes, make sure you try Souvlaki and Gyros and you will find yourself asking for more.

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