Getting Schengen Visa from Greece Consulate In Jeddah

You might be reading this post because you have been searching for ways to get a Schengen Visa in Saudi Arabia. If you intend to travel to Europe in the near future, then you have come to the right page because I’m going to share you how I got my Schengen Visa recently.

As an expat living and working in Saudi for almost five years, my mind always wonders where to travel next. I have been thinking about exploring Europe, but the question was, where should I get the visa from? Should I get it done here in Saudi or should I go back to my country Indonesia?

I was doing my research, but the dilemma is the same. I don’t have enough time. If you live in Riyadh like me and you want to get a Schengen Visa, you will most likely have to go through VFS Global.

The process time varies from 7 to 10 working days until you get your passport back. It is very difficult for me as my job requires me to travel a lot and I need my passport most of the time.

In Indonesia, the process can go up to 14 working days. I don’t think this is a wiser option, so making it in Saudi was a better option for me.

How did I get my visa?

Most of the European countries ask applicants to go through VFS Global. However, Greek Embassy in Riyadh and Greek Consulate in Jeddah still accept direct applications. To me, this is easier, because this means I don’t have to apply through VFS Global. Saving my time and money.

I got the chance to go to Jeddah recently and gave the required documents to the staff at the consulate. For complete information on the documents required, please check their official website here.

Greek Consulate in Jeddah accepts a total of 25 applications every per day from Monday to Thursday.

No prior appointment required you can walk in from 9.00 to 11.30 in the morning. You need to present the required documents in person and the staff will interview you a little bit while taking your photo and fingerprints.

The visa costs you SAR 288 or around USD 77.

Passport can be collected on Saturday – Thursday from 15.00 to 16.00.

I was very lucky that I got to collect my passport the next day and I got the visa on my passport. I got six months of validity, not sure if it’s enough to visit all the countries in Europe, but for a beginner, this is quite good. Yeay!

I’m really looking forward to traveling to Greece and other European countries on my days off. And of course, I will be sharing my travel journal here with you, so stay tuned 😉

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