I Found The Best Ice Cream I’ve Ever Tasted In Ubud

I passed by a small shop called Tukies on a sunny afternoon in Ubud. It was very hot that day and I saw two expats were eating ice cream there, so I said to myself, “ice cream would be a good idea”.

It was more than just a good idea!

Labeling itself as a coconut shop, Tukies sells everything coconut. From the casual coconut water, ice cream, to plates and bowls made of coconut shells.

Tukies is best known for its coconut ice cream. In fact, it is the only ice cream flavor the shop offers. Almost everyone I saw sitting down there, cooling themselves down with a cup of ice cream or two. What’s so special about the ice cream?

The shop is small, but it’s never empty. There are always people sitting down to enjoy the ice cream.

Its white color makes it look like vanilla ice cream. I have tasted a lot of ice cream flavors, but coconut ice cream is the one I have never tasted. I was having a low expectation as I thought it would be just like any other regular ice cream. Boy, I was wrong!

It really tasted like coconut. And the toppings were shredded coconut, coconut sugar and some cuts of coconut flesh. All of them combined to make the best ice cream I have ever tasted in the world!

Okay, you might think I’m exaggerating because obviously, I haven’t eaten all the ice creams in the whole world. But I wasn’t kidding when I said that this ice cream is really goooooooooooood!

The texture of the ice cream, the smell of the coconut… gosh! The fresh tasty flavor in your mouth creates a sensation like any other ice cream could. It’s the kind of ice cream that everyone should enjoy at least once in a lifetime.

I ended up visiting the shop to get two scoops of ice cream every single day during my stay in Ubud. It was that good.

One scoop of coconut ice cream will cost you 28.000 Rupiah (around USD 2) and two scoops 54.000 Rupiah (around USD 3.8).

For those who don’t like coconuts (oh, you don’t know what you’re missing), this shop also sells a variety of fruit juices. Some of them are mung bean ice, sugar cane with lime, and carrot orange and ginger juice. All juices are freshly made so the quality is very good and the price for each glass is 30.000 Rupiah (around USD 2.15).

To bring a taste of Tukies home, you can buy some of the coconuts goods they display on the shelves as seen below.

One day when I go back to Ubud, I will definitely pay a visit (or a dozen) to this shop and enjoy a cup of coconut ice cream. They have three branches in Ubud, but the biggest one and the most well-known is in Jalan Raya Ubud (central Ubud, next to Fipper shop).

They don’t have any branches outside Ubud, so if you’re around sure to grab your cup of ice cream. Then let me know if you, like me, think that this is the best ice cream you have ever tasted in your life.

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