Where Do You Get Cute Stationeries in Riyadh?

This was the question that I asked myself when I was decorating my travel journal. Running out of glittery washi tapes, I was thinking, “Where do I get cute stationeries in Riyadh?”

I put the keywords “stationeries in Riyadh” on both Google and Instagram search tabs, then this store showed up in the search results.

The Station[e]ry is located in Takhassusi Street in Riyadh. You can take Uber or Careem to go there, but when you almost reach it, ask the driver to go a bit slowly. The store is located in between other buildings, so you might miss it and have to turn back around if you don’t pay close attention.

It was in the middle of the day, Riyadh was burning hot and being inside the store away from the sun was quite pleasant. Not to mention, they have a lot of imported stationery items and they are mostly of the latest trends. 

The store building from outside.

Entering the store, you are welcomed by the table display and a big bucket of flowers.

Colorful notebooks on the table, while hanging on the wall are paper party bags.

Cute party bags for birthdays or other celebrations. I like the cat in glasses!

My friend Karina was browsing some of the beautiful stationeries.

Colorful papers, gift wrappers, notebooks, planner stickers, and candles are some of the collection that drew my attention. This store is a gem! Who would have thought that there would be such store here in Riyadh? It turns out that The Station[e]ry has been here for one year and a half, according to one of the staff that I talked to.

I bought a candle, a scratch world map, a sleeping mask, and a block of note papers. They gave me a cute card with butterflies on it, which I thought a name card of the store, but it was a discount card for Oplaisir. It is a French-style cafe located on the same street. Wow, very kind of them! I did not use the discount card as I did not have enough time to go to the cafe that day, but maybe next time.

I wish they could play some soothing music to make visitors stay there longer and browse their collection. However, it was a good experience to visit this stationery store and I will surely come back there when they have a new collection.

The Station[e]ry
Takhassusi Branch Road,
Al Mohammadiyah,
Riyadh 12363
Website: the-stationery.com
Instagram: @the_stationery

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