Afternoon Tea On A Big Bus with B Bakery London

I have been to London a couple of times, but I never had the afternoon tea experience until recently. I was browsing about a couple of afternoon tea experiences in London and that’s when I saw an Instagram post about B Bakery, a French-style salon with feminine decor for cakes and pâtisserie.

The bakery has red buses touring London, offering the locals and visitors an afternoon tea experience like no other. The big bus tour is currently available in London and Bath. If you are interested in this tour, you must book your seats online through their website B Bakery

The price for each passenger starts from £ 45 with a seat on the lower deck on a weekday. For top deck seats, the price starts from £ 51 per passenger on a weekday. Prices are higher on the weekends and special holidays.

For example, the prices for Easter Afternoon Tea Tour on Thursday, March 29 on the lower deck is £ 47.5 and £ 51-53 on the top deck. Meanwhile, on Sunday, March 31 for the same tour the lower deck seat is £ 51 and the top deck seat is £ 63.5. Below is the seating plan for you to have an idea how many seats are available on the bus.

We were having the traditional afternoon tea, but there are other dietary options available that you can choose. B Bakery offers Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, and Halal afternoon tea if you wish to enjoy the tour that suits your diet.

We can also drink wine or champagne instead of the traditional English tea. But for this, we must purchase it online as no alcoholic beverages are sold on the bus.

Important Things to Remember

If you are departing from Victoria Coach Station, make sure you are going the right way because there is Victoria Underground Station which is nearby. Victoria Coach Station is not far from there, around 7 minutes walking distance if you are tall or 15 minutes if you are an Asian with short legs like me, ha ha ha…

Go inside the station and find the information desk, there you will see in which gate you have to wait for the bus to come. Don’t be shy to ask people around to make sure. Remember the bus cannot wait, so you must arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes before the departure.

This is the map of the afternoon tea tour. You can see London view while enjoying the sweet delights.


The bus was touring London for about an hour. There’s no toilet on the bus, so I suggest you go to the restroom before departure or try not to drink too much while you are on the bus.

Cupcakes on the top tray and sandwiches on the lower tray. Two pieces for each kind, so Diana and I can enjoy everything on the tray.

This was the first cake I ate. Love the cream, it was smooth…

The most-awaited delight: Scone! The clothed cream was not easy to spread, but the jam was nice. It was not bad, but I was expecting better than this.

This was a refreshing experience, I recommend you to enjoy the afternoon tea in the big bus if you have the chance to visit London.

Sweet treats for sweet people 😛

“Which one to eat first? But first, please take a good picture for my Instagram…”


A Refreshing Experience

The staff, Marine and Aurelie, were really nice. Aurelie always asked if everything was okay and whether we need more tea or coffee. Marine was offering to take our pictures for the social media updates. How nice : )

We really enjoyed the afternoon tea tour and recommend it to anyone who wants to try the experience. It was definitely a refreshing way to enjoy London. 

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