A Trip To Kronberg: Opel Zoo and My First Snow Experience

We were happy that we got Instagrammable pictures with the houses in Kronberg (read the story here). It was now time to get going and head to our next destination, The Opel Zoo.

Opel Zoo was founded by the Opel family (yes, that family who founded the German car company under the same name) in 1956 and covers 27 hectares. There are 1,400 animals from 200 species that live in the zoo.

Diana and I spent around 35 minutes walking to the zoo as the small path heading there was icy and slippery. We were wearing boots but the snow was thick and when the path was narrower, we held hands and walked carefully.

There was a three-way in front of us once we got closer to the zoo. There was a wooden sign in the German language, but we did not understand it. We took a wild guess of which way to go. Diana was a little bit scared and wondered if we took the right way or not.

It would be a little bit scary if we walked through the path in the evening. But it was the only way to go by foot and good thing that we walked there in the daytime.


Why are you so pretty, deer?

A group of deer welcomed us as we were entering the zoo. It was not the entrance yet, but rather the way out of the zoo. The zoo was huge and since we were coming from the end of it, we had to ask other visitors where the entrance was.

We walked 500 more meters until we reached the entrance post. An adult visitor is charged 14 Euros to enter the zoo. There was no brochure in English and the staff in the post did not give further advice on where to start and how to end the visit.

Eurasian Eagle-Owl, known as Uhu, lives in Eurasia. The species is known as the largest living species of owl.


“Hello, donkey. Are you smiling at me? Or are you sad?” This donkey came towards me when I passed by her group. She looked like she wanted to say something to me. I wish I could understand animal language.


People can bring their dogs to the zoo. But they must throw their dog poo in a plastic bag in the designated bin here.


“I can’t feel my legs anymore. Can I get a lift back to the hotel?”


Okay, apparently I am not the only crazy visitor here. Welcome to the club, Diana!

So many families were there, young mothers and fathers bring their kids to teach them about the animals there. I saw one mother letting her daughter feed the goats carrots. That’s a really good education, learning to be compassionate to animals at an early age. I’m sure she would grow up to be a caring adult.

My First Snow Experience

Visiting the zoo was an amazing experience for Diana and I. Although we did not see a lot of animals there, as they were not seen in their designated area, we were happy that we got to see the snow. It was my first snow experience and it was unexpectedly pleasant.

The snow inside the zoo was very thick. There were some spots that were literally covered by snow. Some cages and fences show no signs of animals living there. They might be hiding somewhere as it was very cold.

We were wearing layers of thermal shirts and winter coats, but the weather was biting our skin. I couldn’t imagine how cold it must be for those poor animals.

This is a really good photo. Thanks, Diana! 🙂

Diana looks like a rock band member here :O

Happy face. Okay, we were hungry but we were happy 😛

Behind a great photo, there is always a funny story!

The white snow makes everything look dreamy. My fingers were red and swollen because I had to endure the extreme cold weather when taking pictures. But it was all worth it!

We didn’t build a snowman or play snowball fight because the snow was too thick and very hard to dig. Maybe some other time. For now, I was just very content to experience my first snow when I least expected it to happen 🙂

# # #

How to go there?

From Frankfurt Main Station (Frankfurt Central Station) take S4 train on track 104 heading to Kronberg. The last station, Kronberg, is the final destination. You can walk like what Diana and I did, or you can take the bus number 251 heading to Kōnigstein and exit at the Opel Zoo stop.

Entrance Fee: 14 Euros.

Address: Am Opel-Zoo 3, (ehemals Königsteiner Strasse 35), 61476 Kronberg im Taunus, Germany

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