A Trip To Kronberg: Charming Houses and Enchanting View

My flying partner Diana and I were very happy when we found Frankfurt 49-hour layover on our February roster and of course, this is a rare opportunity! So we were thinking about where to go and what to do long before the flight departed on Sunday, February 18.

We finally decided to explore small towns nearby Frankfurt and Kronberg was the pick. It lies at the foot of Taunus and is part of the Frankfurt Rhein-Main area.

The temperature in Kronberg is much cooler than in Frankfurt as the area is around 200 – 400 meter (around 650 to 1300 feet) above the sea level.

How to go there?

It is only 30 minutes by train from Frankfurt Flughafen Fernbahnhof (Frankfurt Airport Train Station). Take the train and stop at Frankfurt Main (Frankfurt Central Station), go to track 104 and take train S4 heading to Kronberg.

This is Kronberg Train Station, which is the last stop of the S4 train from Frankfurt Main to Kronberg.

Diana and the train that we took to reach this place.

It was really cold, but first… let me take a photo with this train 🙂

Don’t be confused and stop at Kronberg Süd, just remain in the train because the final destination is the last stop which is Kronberg Station.

Pay for the Day Ticket which is worth EUR 9.55 and can be used for many trips in a day. It is much cheaper than buying separate tickets for going and returning back to Frankfurt city center.

What is there in Kronberg?

Viktoria Park welcomed us when we reached Kronberg. The park was named after the Victoria, Queen of Prussia and German Empress who got the title from her marriage with German Emperor Frederik III. I bet the park will look even nicer in the summer. 

Viktoria Park in the morning. I did not check the temperature, but it was somewhere around -2 to -5 degree.

Trying to smile although our faces were stiff as the cold wind slapped us.

Our plan was to visit Kronberg Castle and Opel Zoo. Unfortunately, the castle was CLOSED for the winter break until March 17. Oh, we felt so disappointed. What can we do now? Good thing that Opel Zoo was open.

From the castle to the zoo, it was a 22-minute walking distance. But along the way, we stopped so many times just to admire the charming houses and buildings around. Of course, we could not just admire but we gotta take pictures with them as backgrounds, too!

Have a look at these charming houses and you will see why we like them. They’re so pretty and artsy, it’s as if they came straight out of fairy tale books.

Kronberg is known as the most expensive residential area in the whole Germany. No wonder the houses are really pretty. All pictures we took with the houses as the background look really instagrammable. We spent almost an hour for taking photos alone before heading to Opel Zoo.

[ to be continued ]

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