My First Attempt At Taking Portraits

Today my friends (Manda and Suza, they’re fellow crewmembers, too) and I did a photoshoot. Manda and I originally planned to learn blogging features, but since she brought a camera with her and I got mine ready to use, we decided to take pictures instead.

Suza was our muse. The sunlight was really helping and everything around us just seemed to fall perfectly.

Manda has taken portraits of a lot of friends already, but this was my first attempt at it. For a first-timer, I’m happy with the photos that I took.

The results were nice, but Suza’s reaction was priceless. She couldn’t believe that it was her in the photos.


“Is that really me?” Suza asked me in disbelief. It’s as if her eyes played tricks on her. This is the kind of reaction that I never thought I would receive.

It feels good when someone is reminded that they are beautiful through your photos.

Behind these good photos, there were funny moments. We threw jokes at each other and Suza was laughing. Some photos were shaking and I missed some very good shots.

Suza also dipped in the freaking cold pool with the breezy winter wind blowing at her. Modeling is never easy, but hey… no pain, no gain…

“What have I done? It’s freaking cold here but I gotta smile for the camera”


Behind the scene: Manda was trying to give some dramatic effect before taking the pictures.


In the end, we learned something new today. We never knew that we could do or be anything that we never thought before if we did not have the courage to do it.

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