How To Avoid Being Lost On Your Solo Travel

I have been lost a couple of times in many countries already. So many times it’s because of my inability to read the maps correctly. The other times, it’s simply because I didn’t do my research well and took the wrong direction, hence I got lost on the way.

Being lost sometimes brings you an advantage. You get to pass by or visit tourist-less places that were not originally on your visit list. You might also be involved in interesting conversations with the locals in your attempt to find your way to the right direction.

So many things can happen when you are lost while traveling and it can make a much more colorful story on your travel diary.

However, when you have a limited solo-traveling time, being lost is not something you expect to happen. It is wasting your valuable time and you’d rather spend it by enjoying moments at the intended place. Here are my personal tips that you can do to avoid being lost when you’re traveling alone.

1. Do a detailed research

Google knows everything and it can help you to find the exact location of the place you want to go. You can figure out which bus or train station that is the closest to your accommodation and measure the distance or how long will it take from there to reach your destination.

Below was the screenshot I took from Google searching my way from Heathrow Terminal 5 to Paddington Station. It shows that I need to take a Heathrow Express train to reach there and it tells me the next departure time of the train. Clear and easy.

2. Download the transportation map

London Tube and Paris Metro are two examples of public transportations that provide downloadable maps online. Most developed countries (or big cities) post their maps with details each station and the nearby tourist attractions from the station. These maps come in handy and you can save it on your mobile phone.

For London Tube Map, download here.

Paris Metro Map can be found here.

3. Take pictures of buildings or street signs

I am very bad at remembering places, which is why I often take pictures of the street signs, station placards, and the surrounding buildings. This really helps me finding the way back to the hotel. Whenever I do this, I never be lost. A little distracted maybe, but never lost.

Do you have other tips to avoid being lost when traveling? If yes, kindly share with me on the comment section below 🙂


“Not all those who wander are lost.” ~ J.R.R Tolkien.

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