Should You Take Uber From Istanbul Airport?

Istanbul in November is cold. I found that out as soon as we landed at Ataturk International Airport (IST) last week. The temperature was 12 degrees but it felt like 8 degrees. It took me about an hour after arrival to get a visa and get my passport stamped by the immigration officer. It is best for those who want to save time to get an eVisa that can be obtained 48 hours prior to arrival.

We ordered for an Uber cab from the airport and we got picked up within 5 minutes from ordering. There were a lot of guys from the car rental services trying to persuade us to go with them. But since we ordered Uber already, we politely refused them.

The car was very big for only two passengers. It was a nice car with leathered seats. Our hotel was located downtown nearby Sultanahmet and Hagia Sophia. So it took more or less 30-40 minutes from the airport to reach our hotel. The charge for the Uber ride was 100 Turkish Lira (TL) or around EUR 22.

The other mode of transportation to and from the airport is by airport transfer cars. For the same distance (airport to hotel) the charge according to the airport transfer calculator is EUR 20.6 or around 96 TL. The charge is per car that can accomodate up to 4 passengers. Airport transfer payment is charged via credit card and the transaction is done online through its website

Other mode of transport is of course the local taxi. The price vary from 80 TL to 200 TL depending on how far your hotel is located. But what I don’t like from local taxi is that drivers are either smoking or talking on the phone. Should you take Uber cab from Istanbul airport to your hotel? You decide 🙂

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