Flying Over Greenland

I was scrolling up and down my photo album until I saw window-seat photos of Greenland that I took earlier this month. We were from Riyadh en route to New York and one of the first class cabin crew approached us in the galley. At that time we finished the first service already and half of the crew were already on their rest period.

“Captain told us that we are flying over Greenland,” she said.

Upon hearing this, another crew and I opened the nearest window shades to us and we saw this view. 

It was so stunning that we were both in awe and didn’t say a word. I quickly told my passengers in Business Class about this. All of them opened the window shades and they were taking pictures of the mesmerizing icy view of Greenland. One of them was a frequent flyer to the states, but never saw this view when he flew before.

“Thank you, it’s my first time having this kind of view. Very beautiful!”

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