Oman Trip: The Road Trip

Jogging with this view in the morning

Day two in Oman began with a morning jog near the beach in Qurum. We went out for jogging at 6.00 AM and finished around 7.10 AM. It was really something since I didn’t remember when was the last time I did exercise. I met another runner with his dog. The dog’s name was Boy and he was very friendly. “Good boy,” I said while petting him. One day I will have a dog of my own.

After the jogging, we went to Costa for a simple breakfast and then went back to the resort to pack our things. It’s time to get going, today is the the road trip day!

It was a really long drive (around two hours) from Muscat to our first stop, which was Wadi Al Arbaeen. This is one of the beautiful Wadis that Oman has and probably also one of the most popular for people who like to go off-road and camping. Even Oman Air included this spot of tourism in its safety video and now I got the chance to actually visit it. When we arrived, there were some cars and people shooting for videos and pictures. They might be doing some tourism promotional shoot.

Arrived at Wadi Al Arbaeen, one of the most popular wadis in Oman


Wadi Al Arbaeein from a closer look

One man in orange shorts was jumping into the water with a camera strapped in his body. That was cool! I might never be able to do that, as I’m scared to jump that high into the water. I wouldn’t do that even if someone paid me a huge amount of money.

It was bright and sunny, but the view was spectacular. Wadi Al Arbaeen looked even better in real life than in videos. I kind of wish that I brought my sketchbook and color pencils with me so I could draw it. Well, lesson learned and I would not leave them when I go traveling next time.

I sat down for around 15 minutes before I felt the burning sensation on my bottom. It was around 40 celcius outside and my sunblock wasn’t really helpful. So off we went to another destination; Bimmah Sinkhole.

Bimmah Sinkhole is located in Hawiyat Najm Park and it has beautiful turquoise waters. The locals believed that the sinkhole was created by a meteorite, that’s why the park was named “Hawaiyat Najm” which means the falling star.

There were a family of five visited the sinkhole and the kids were playing with the small fish in the water. Two European visitors were swiming and recording a video of the sinkhole. It was really refreshing and I think this is a must-visit when you’re in Oman as it’s quite off-the-beaten path.

The day was still bright and we got quite enough time to visit another place. From Bimmah Sinkhole, we continued the road trip and took a very challenging road up the hills and the mountains to Al Jaylah…

[to be continued]

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