Oman Trip: The First Day

I recently had a 4-day trip to Oman during my days off. Since the airline that I am working for doesn’t have a direct flight to Muscat on August 15, I flew there with Oman Air. The aircraft was Boeing 737-800, small cabin with single aisle. And the overhead compartments were even smaller than that of Airbus 320 that I am qualified for.

There were two cabin crew working at economy class on that day, one male crew and one female. I talked to the male crew, an Omani guy named Yakoub, who was very friendly and polite. The service was hot meal with 2 choices, but I didn’t eat and only take the water cup. Yakoub was very kind to give me another cup of water even when I didn’t even ask for it and he repeatedly ask me whether or not I need something.

Upon arrival in Oman, we were the only passengers whose final destination was Muscat.The other passengers with us were on transit and going somewhere else. Tourists from Indonesia and those who have residential permit in GCC countries may visit Oman and obtain the visa upon arrival for 5 Omani Riyals (RO) for a 10-day visit. More than 10 days RO 20 and multiple entries to Oman for the whole year costs RO 50.

We then proceeded to the car rental booth to get the key. To our surprise, we got an upgrade car and it was Toyota Land Cruiser. It’s a huge car for only both of us, but it certainly helped a lot in driving us to certain roads that would be difficult to be explored with a small car.


Saw this beautiful mosque on the road. Everywhere in Muscat, I always see beautiful mosques, buildings and parks.

Muscat in the evening. This is the view from Starbucks near the corniche.

The dancing coconut trees nearby the resort where we stayed at on the first day.


Since we arrived in Muscat by late afternoon, we didn’t go to a lot of places on the first day. We went to a resort in Qurum and just enjoyed the rest of the day with nice beach view. I was instantly delighted by the dancing coconut trees and the sound of the waves, crashing on the shore. It was so relaxing… That marked our first day in Oman and I had a good feeling that it was going to be a fun trip. More stories are coming up soon 🙂

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