Regrets are regrets. Sometimes it can be prevented from happening, other times it’s just inevitable and there’s no way back. Although we often say to ourselves to live life to the fullest with no regrets, there must be some things in life that we wish we did or did not do. I don’t know about you, but my regrets mostly were things that I didn’t do.


Things that I did not have the courage to do, people that I didn’t appreciate enough when they were still with me, and beautiful moments uncaptured that became bittersweet memories.


If I could turn back time… I didn’t wish to do things differently. I just wish that I said what I needed to say. For whatever happened after that was something that I couldn’t change or control. But at least, they would know that I did not mean any harm to our friendship or relationship. That I loved them. Unfortunately that love was long gone, undeclared. And we carried on living.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

March 13, 2017

(Photo was taken at Eiffel Garden, Paris on November 15, 2016)

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Written by dearmarintan

An Indonesian who enjoys coffee, books, and meaningful conversations. Currently interested in body language, communication, and human behavior.


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