A Delicate Visit to Twinings House

Twinings Tea Strawberry & Raspberry Tea and Pot

My first encounter with Twinings tea was when I flew to London for the first time June last year. In the dry store box, there I saw Twinings English Breakfast Tea and Green Tea. Basically anywhere in London you will see this tea being served in hotels and restaurants. So I took a sip of that classic English tea and before I knew it, I already finished my cup of tea.

So when one day I saw London on my roster, I was thinking about going to Twinings tea shop and museum located at The Strand. Along with another Indonesian crew, Wulan, I went there a couple hours after we landed in London. We took the tube and stopped at Temple Station (District and Circle lines). From there, we had a look at a map board and found our way to the strand following the street signs. Twinings shop located exactly opposite the Royal Courts of Justice so it was quite easy to find it.

Entering Twinings Tea Shop & Museum

Twinings entrance

A very nice smell greeted us as we entered the house and it felt warm inside. At the aft of this house, there was one huge glass cupboard displaying the history of Twinings that span for over 300 years now. It started when Thomas Twining opened the first tea room in 216 Strand, London. At that time, coffee was very popular in England until Catherine of Braganza, the young Portuguese wife of Charles II introduced the drink in her small circle of aristocratic friends in 1662. Since then, tea became the nation’s famous drink and Twinings, as the first tea marketer in the country, gained fame. In 1837, Queen Victoria appointed Twinings as supplier of teas to her household. Wow!

Twinings History in Display

Twinings Tea Pot and Cup

Twinings Tea Variants in Display

Twinings Tea Bar

In this shop, there were a lot of displays and tins of Twinings teas of various flavors. Pretty tea pots and cups were lined up and I couldn’t resist to take pictures. Wulan saw a set of very pretty tea pot and cups but the price was so expensive, around 80 pounds much or less. At the end, we indulged ourselves and bought a couple boxes of refreshing and calming tea.

As for myself, I brought back home the big box of various teas, detox tea, digest tea, calming chamomile, and sleep tea. So… would you care for a cup of tea? 🙂

Finally Visiting Twinings Tea Shop & Museum

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    • @Dwi: iya mahal karna kualitasnya juga kali ya, jadi ya cuma bisa liat-liat aja itu pot teh cantik, hehehe.. aminn ya wi, semoga kesampean suatu hari nanti ngeteh cantik di London ya 🙂

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