Traveloka Blog Contest: Win A Free Trip to Europe!

When I opened my mailbox yesterday morning, I found an email with a very interesting title, “Kontes Blog Berhadiah 120 Juta dan Liburan Gratis ke Eropa dari Traveloka” (Blog Contest with the prize of 120 million Rupiahs and free trip to Europe from Traveloka).

Traveloka is a prominent travel app that helps its users to reserve flight and train tickets and book hotel rooms while offering the best deals of whichever service that users choose. Every Indonesian must have used, if not, at least heard about Traveloka and its services.

This blog contest is very attractive and it already gained a lot of participants. Unfortunately, since one of the requirements is to write in Bahasa Indonesia, I cannot participate. I have commited to write in English and some posts here that remain in my native language will eventually be translated in English.

For those who dream of traveling to Europe, you might not want to miss this blog contest. The deadline is December 4, 2017. Click this link and start writing for a free Europe trip.

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