Athena Books: The Beginning of Bookselling

I have been an avid reader since I was in the elementary school. At that time I only read comic books or short graphic novels. To me, those books are easy to understand and will only occupy a little bit of my spare time. But my family’s financial state when I was little was not really good; buying books was something that we couldn’t afford. So I was a regular visitor to my school’s library. I’d even spend most of the lunch break time sitting down and reading a book. Before the break ended, I’d be borrowing two or three books for one week’s amusement.

Now that I work and make money, I can buy any books that I want. But I have to be careful with my expense, so every month I have to limit the budget for book shopping. I am blessed with this job because it enables me to visit a lot of very interesting bookstores all around the world and browse for international bestselling books. There are so many books that I’d love to have but I don’t think my bookshelf can accommodate all of them for now. For the past five years, I have been reading mostly non-fiction books. The book genres vary from biography, history, travel, to self development and business management. I am lucky to have access to these books that are mainly sold in the United States and United Kingdom. But not every book lover is as lucky as I am, right?

There are some imported booksellers in Indonesia, but unfortunately they don’t offer a lot of non-fiction collections to the customers. The prices are so much expensive, compared to when I buy them at the countries of origin where the books are published. And to make matters worse, those books are mostly plastic wrapped and arranged in a way that don’t look inviting to the customers to buy them. How do you expect customers to buy expensive imported books without being able to have a sneak peak of what they are going to buy? Maybe it’s only me, but I find this absurd. As a frequent book buyer, I ALWAYS flip through the pages of interesting books and look for its binding strength. I believe that price comes with quality so I don’t mind paying quite a lot for a really good book that will widen my horizons. But how am I supposed to know if I’m not able to have a look at what’s inside the books?

This and many other things led to another. I decided that I want to sell books and merchandises to book lovers who have the same longing like I do. I just created a facebook page for business named Athena Books (@athenabookshop) and I will update it with related contents. Interesting books and details for purchasing will be coming up soon on the page. Athena Books will be selling quality English books (fiction and non-fiction) and merchandises. It will be serving book lovers in Riyadh and Jakarta for the moment. If you have books in mind that you want to order or if you have a good suggestion, I am all ears 🙂

It will be a humble beginning, so your kind support is highly appreciated. Please like the facebook page ( and stay tuned for more updates. Thank you and have a good day 😀

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