Are We Materialistically Jealous of Other’s Life?

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What is a perfect life?

We often depict it from the eyes of someone else’s. From their updates on Facebook, Instagram or other social media accounts. They seem so happy, so fit, so lucky.. Without a single care in the world. As if they don’t have any baggages to carry on their shoulders. Partying from one club to another, squatting their asses off at the gym to have a sweet, round, spank-able butts like the Kardashian’s, enjoying sunset with their loved ones in an exclusive resort, happy family gathering pictures, stylish and luxurious outfits of the day with the famous brands hash-tagged and mentioned.

Do we really think that they’re the happiest people in the world? Or are we just materialistically jealous of their lives?

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Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
February 16, 2017

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