My Blog Got Hacked by An Idiot

I was shocked to find out that my simple personal blog was hacked by someone that I don’t even know. My last post about a visit to Khalil Gibran Museum was completely ruined and the post title changed into “Hacked by Imam” and its post which was a very long post with photos and quotes was replaced by “hacked with love by Imam”. I simply had to remove that post from this blog because I can’t revise it anymore.


Well, Imam, if you are reading this… I don’t know you nor do I know what I have done to you to deserve this. If you must know something, it is the fact that I had to sacrifice my sleeping hours just to write that blog post. I recollected my memory on that trip then carefully wrote that into a blog post. Unfortunately I didn’t save any texts as I was writing that particular post directly on my wordpress “Add New Post” feature. I didn’t save it on my Pages or any Writing documents on my laptop. So, congratulations Imam for hacking my blog post. Now you can go and fuck yourself. I hope you enjoy your life.

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  1. ericka says:

    omg .. Intan! so sad to see this, itu orang jobless kali ya sampe segitunya nge-hack blog orang
    . hmm ga coba tanya ke alid abdul? or anyone know better about IT ?
    sabar ya Intan .. it’s mean you are famous dear

    • dearmarintan says:

      @Ericka: entahlah dosa apa ya aku sampe dia hack begini.. apa mungkin dulu aku pernah nolak cinta ini orang ya? soalnya dia nulis “hacked with love” gitu.. ngeselin banget :’)) mau nanya tapi nanya apa ya? ini hacknya baru banget, kurang dari 12 jam lalu.. mungkin pas aku masih tidur abis terbang panjang.. udahlah aku ikhlasin aja, udah ganti password juga sih, semoga postingan2 berikutnya hack-free 🙂

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