Hello November!

November’s roster is out!

I have been waiting to know what I will get next month as this will affect my plans. I am talking about the days off here, because if I don’t get the ones that I expect the least, that means I have to find some crew to swap some flights with me to allow me have the days off I desire.

I don’t know if it’s only me or other crew members are also feeling the same. When I started flying, my priority was the layover destinations. I was always curious of which countries I will visit next and what would I do there. But the longer I fly, I find out that I want to manage life outside flying duties and prioritize the days off first. Destinations following once I know which dates I want off duty.

November’s roster is quite nice. I got my desired days off which will be on 18 – 22. But the thing is, things have been changing and there were a lot of adjustments to do. So I guess, I will trade those days off with other dates and hopefully the crew planner will be on my side and approve the trades. But first, I’m gonna need to find the legal crew for this and send the flight trade requests, hahaha~

Anyway, here are my layovers for November…

JFK (New York, USA): 6-8 November

This is my most-visited state so far and I like New York, so I can’t complain. There’s always something to do and visit in this city that never sleeps. This time my layover will collide with the coming days of election. The election itself will be held on November 8. So let’s see what can I do there and where will I go.

CDG (Paris, France): 14-15 November

The last time I went to Paris was in September and I visited the famous Sacre Coeur basilica (again) in Montmartre. I’m not a Catholic, but I love that church because it’s not only beautiful but it has a lot of chapels that I can choose to pray. And I always choose the chapel with lesser people there. I need to make a separate post depicting my visit to this basilica. Hmm.. where should I go on my next Paris layover? Any ideas?

MUC (Munich, Germany): 30 November – 1 December

This will be my first visit to Munich. Before Munich, I visited Frankfurt in March but didn’t really have the chance to take a good picture. Anyway, I love Germany and my visit will be by the end of the month. I hope by that time the Christmas Market will open and I got the chance to visit it.

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