Broken Vase


It’s unbelievable how some men can make women feel like a piece of shit. At first, they make women feel like the most beautiful creatures on earth. Comparing them to the sunflower or the beam of moonlight that peeks through the curtain in the night. The not so eloquent ones won’t be able to say a word or two. Yet they are way smarter in disguising the truth with action. A warm hug will do more than a delicate conversation. A passionate kiss will kill even the brightest mind on earth.

To some men, a woman is nothing but a fragile vase. One that is admired because of its particularly beautiful color and shape. Whoever owns it is lucky and envied by many. Oh, how lovely to the eyes of the house visitors. Yet the owner takes it for granted. He only uses it to accommodate all those flowers that please his eyes. More and more flowers every day. At the expense of the broken vase, he does nothing but filling it with sweet water and torn of the roses he just fell in love with.

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