Breaking the Syndrome


I’ve been away from this personal blog for a while since I won the third prize for Kompetiblog 2012. I was and am still very glad of the winning. This is my first time ever winning, not only a blogging contest, but writing contest in a wider perspective. However, I somehow did stop writing for a week or two.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I’m lazy, but I suddenly lost the productivity. My friend said what I encountered was a post-winning syndrome. So basically, he said, one keeps on struggling for the best when one hasn’t topped the chart, but then stops right after the achievement is made.

So, in order to break the syndrome, I simply write this random post..

At the moment I wrote this, I was waiting for my friend, Melissa, shopping at Metro. Entering a fashion hub is the biggest temptation for me as I already have allocated my money for several important needs.

Gotta do another shopping diet this month (;>_<;)

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